ICACLS – A magic command

One of our colleague was configuring Auditing on MSSQL Server using Arcsight (more info about the tool can be found here ) and one of the steps is to create SQLTRACE folder and SHARE the folder and provided the necessary permissions for Arcsight AD user to read the SQL Trace files, and then enable the Auditing in MSSQL server and see the files are generating in the SQLTRACE folder. All went well, he could see the files but Arcsight AD user couldn’t see the files.

One thing was very sure, this is related to permissions issue but how come ? If we see the permission on the SQLTRACE it exists (right click -> properties -> security ) and even the Advanced includes “Applies To” – “This folder, subfolder and files”  for that user, but the same doesn’t exits for the SQL trace files generated from MSSQL Server.

Then this magic command ICACLS actually did the trick.

Here is the actual command

icacls * /T /Q /C /RESET

That’s it ! It worked.

Cheers !


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ORA-01791: not a SELECTed expresssion

SQL query runs perfectly fine in and not in and reported with ORA-01791 error.

If the error “ORA-01791: not a SELECTed expresssion” is reported in release then it’s a expected behavior and NOT a bug.


Include the “order by” clause column in the SELECT statement.

Note: MOS ID: 1600974.1

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Patching through OEM 12c in Offline mode

The below document is the step-by-step procedure to patch Oracle databases using OEM 12c in Offline mode.

SPU/CPU Patch Apply through OEM Cloud Control 12c (Offline Mode).pdf

Hope this helps

Cheers !!
Raheel Syed

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Opatch Apply on Windows failed with CheckActiveFilesAndExecutables

While applying CPU Jan 2014 Patch on windows, opatch apply failed with error ‘CheckActiveFilesAndExecutables’

Following files are active :



1. Modify the Oracle services to Manual startup type.
2. Restart the server.
3. Rename the above .dll and try running opatch apply again.

Cheers !!!

Raheel Syed

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scp – lost connection

Lost connection error when using scp

[oracle@server1 bkup]$ scp full_orcl.dmp myuser@server2:/app/oradump
myuser@server2’s password:
full_orcl  31% ********************************
lost connection

[oracle@server2 oradump]$ rsync –append –progress myuser@server1:/app/bkup/full_orcl.dmp .
full_orcl.dmp   5825256969   100%    1.78MB/s    1:22:47

Cheers !!!


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ora-201 and Checker run found %n% new persistent data failures

Message from Alert.log:
Checker run found 3 new persistent data failures
ora-201 signalled during: alter database mount exclusive.

On Windows, when we stop and start the OracleService (services.msc) the above error reported.

Issue was with the permission on the controlfiles.

Moved Controlfiles to new location and issue got resolved.

Cheers !!!
Raheel Syed

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