ORA-600 – arguments: [kjbmprlst:shadow] on 2 Node RAC

Day started with a call from Apps team, Update job failed on node1 – DB version Alert log on instance 1 shows ora-600 error

ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kjbmprlst:shadow], [], [], [], [], [], [], [] 
Tue May 22 04:25:05 2012
LMS1: terminating instance due to error 484
Shutting down instance (abort)
License high water mark = 159
Tue May 22 04:25:10 2012
Instance terminated by LMS1, pid = 4546
Tue May 22 04:25:12 2012
Instance terminated by USER, pid = 3578

Login to MOS and ran Error Look-up Tool. Consider MOS HTML ORA- 00600 -Troubleshooting Tool if we have related trace file, click here

Some time back Timur Akhmadeev posted about this new MOS tool on his blog

ORA-600/ORA-7445 Error Look-up Tool [ID 153788.1]
Argument - kjbmprlst:shadow
RDBMS version -

Search directed to MOS Doc ID: 756764.1 matches this error.

MOS Doc ID: 756764.1 points out to Bug 7189984 – OERI[kjbmprlst:shadow] in RAC effected version

This bug is fixed in (Server Patch Set) (Mos ID: 7189984.8)

Have to apply (Server Patch Set) once approved by business and all stakeholders. This is mandatory as we follow ITIL framework. Can’t skip this.

Cheers !!


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