Tools to aggregate Oracle CRS logfiles in one file, filter it, sort it, and display it.

Oracle ... as usual

If you already faced RAC problems, you had to analyze log files from the entry points which are the alert.log files.

But as Oracle clusterware logs its events in many logfiles (usually one per process), and you have a logfile directory on each server, it can be difficult to detect the causes, and specially the root cause of a specific problem.

Recently I created a little perl script that will help me for this purpose. This script is named “” and is available for download at this URL :

This script works like this. As input, it takes one or n directories to analyze recursively. Those directories are containing all crs log files of all cluster nodes you want to analyze.

For each directory, it parses each log files (except the alert.log) and each history log files (with file extension: l??). Parsing will get the timestamp mentioned in the…

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