Recovering from rm -rf on a datafile

This should save me from embarrassment.


This blog posting is entirely the credit of Frits Hoogland, who pointed out to me that this was possible.

I managed to delete a datafile, that while it had been created in a completely stupid location, was very much in use. I’m sure we’ve all been there, I mean who hasn’t run rm -rf somewhere they shouldn’t have? When I subsequently checked the database and saw no flashback database, I realised this was going to mean the database being recreated. It was non-production of course, so no real big deal, but still a bit of work none the less. Thanks to Frits’ suggestion though, I could have saved myself some of that work!

First lets create a tablespace, in a really dumb location:

So we have a schema temp_test with a simple table that was created in the temp_test datafile (this was default tablespace of temp_test user). Now we…

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