Thanks for dropping by. A brief intro about me – I’m OCP 10g certified Oracle DBA with experience in single standalone and RAC databases. Actively working on Single and RAC troubleshooting, RMAN, Data Guard, installations/upgrades/migrations and performance tuning.

So far it’s been remarkable journey as Oracle DBA, having worked with multi-billion dollar Clients across Australia and United States. Got to know and worked with best minds in the industry with cutting edge technologies and more to come….

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Raheel Syed

6 Responses to About

  1. Mohammed Farooq Ali says:

    Good Start Raheel ! Keep going..

  2. MD Abdul Wahed Rabbani says:

    I Think ur Super… Keep it Up

  3. Raheel Syed says:

    Thank you Rabbani 🙂

  4. Abdul Mannan says:

    Raheel Bhai, please share more on analysis of awr,explain plan, tkprof and bind variables.


  5. Raheel Syed says:

    Sorry Abdul Mannan for very late reply. You can check http://savvinov.com blog for details related to Performance Tuning. I really like his blog post and explanation.

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