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scp – lost connection

Lost connection error when using scp [oracle@server1 bkup]$ scp full_orcl.dmp myuser@server2:/app/oradump myuser@server2’s password: full_orcl  31% ******************************** lost connection Resolution: [oracle@server2 oradump]$ rsync –append –progress myuser@server1:/app/bkup/full_orcl.dmp . full_orcl.dmp   5825256969   100%    1.78MB/s    1:22:47 Cheers !!! Raheel Advertisements

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Get notified by email using mailx

Very simple script to get notified by email on job completion. Mostly I use this script for background jobs ran through ‘nohup’. #!/bin/ksh export FILE=/home/oracle/test.log sqlplus “/as sysdba” @test.sql mailx -s “test” < $FILE test.sql spool test.log select name from v$database; spool … Continue reading

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Originally posted on The Dutch Prutser's Blog:
In part 1 we performed a series of experiments to explore the relation between CPU utilization and Linux load average. We came to the conclusion that CPU utilization clearly influences the load…

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Understanding Linux Load Average – Part 1

Originally posted on The Dutch Prutser's Blog:
A frequently asked question in my classroom is “What is the meaning of load average and when is it too high?”. This may sound like an easy question, and I really thought…

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