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ORA-01791: not a SELECTed expresssion

SQL query runs perfectly fine in and not in and reported with ORA-01791 error. If the error “ORA-01791: not a SELECTed expresssion” is reported in release then it’s a expected behavior and NOT a bug. Solution: Include … Continue reading

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ora-201 and Checker run found %n% new persistent data failures

Message from Alert.log: Checker run found 3 new persistent data failures ora-201 signalled during: alter database mount exclusive. On Windows, when we stop and start the OracleService (services.msc) the above error reported. Issue was with the permission on the controlfiles. … Continue reading

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Recovering from rm -rf on a datafile

Originally posted on jarneil:
This blog posting is entirely the credit of Frits Hoogland, who pointed out to me that this was possible. I managed to delete a datafile, that while it had been created in a completely stupid location,…

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TNS-12557 TNS-12560 TNS-00527

  As part of Security enhancement on TEST database Server (Linux 64 bit) SA changed the permission on /tmp/.oracle to drwxrwx— after the change, listener stopped working, though the process is alive I could see the process id but unable to … Continue reading

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