You will find all useful links gathered over a period of time mostly from and blogs. This Page will be updated with new links periodically. Apologies if you find duplicate links.

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Following are the categories:

  1. RAC
  2. Performance
  3. Installations
  4. Upgrades and Patches
  5. Data Guard
  6. Parallel Executions
  7. Bugs
  8. Grid Control / Cloud Control
  9. ODA
  10. Webcast
  11. Data Pump
  12. 12c
  13. Exadata
  14. OEM
  15. Others

1. RAC

  • Linux: Node Reboots After “kernel: INFO: task ocssd.bin: blocked for more than 120 seconds.” in /var/log/messages [ID 1423693.1]
  • Top 5 RAC Instance Crash Issues [ID 1375405.1]
  • Oracle Support Document 1378881.1 (Large Number of Audit Files Generated by Oracle Restart or Grid Infrastructure) Grid Infrastructure Bundle/PSU Known Issues [ID 1272288.1]
  • RACcheck – RAC Configuration Audit Tool [ID 1268927.1]
  • Top 11 Things to do NOW to Stabilize your RAC Cluster Environment [ID 1344678.1]
  • Instances Unable To Start If MTU Size Is Different for Cluster_interconnect [ID 300388.1]
  • ASM Diskgroups are not mounted with spfile on ASM on next startup with crsctl command in 11gR2. [ID 1059856.1]
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about the Cluster Health Monitor (CHM) by Markus Michalewicz –
  • Checking Cluster Health Monitor Repository Size After Upgrading –
  • Cluster Health Monitor (CHM) FAQ [ID 1328466.1]
  • Oracle Clusterware Resource Reference —
  • ORA-29701 on Startup After Reboot [ID 736131.1]
  • Serverpool –>
  • Understanding Transparent Application Failover (TAF) and Fast Connection Failover (FCF) [ID 334471.1] – 10.1 to 11.1
  • Fast Connection Failover (FCF) Test Client Using 11g JDBC Driver and 11g RAC Cluster – NOTE: 566573.1
  • How to Verify Universal Connection Pool (UCP) / Fast Connection Failover (FCF) Setup – NOTE: 1064652.1 –
  • CSS Timeout Computation in Oracle Clusterware [ID 294430.1]
  • Process Resource Fails to Stop even with “-f” option: what do you do? What to Do if 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure is Unhealthy [1068835.1]
  • OCR / Vote disk Maintenance Operations: (ADD/REMOVE/REPLACE/MOVE) [ID 428681.1]
  • Health Check Alert: An odd number of voting disks must exist [ID 877134.1]
  • 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure Does not Use ulimit Setting Appropriately [ID 983715.1]
  • 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure Single Client Access Name (SCAN) Explained [ID 887522.1]
  • How to Modify SCAN Setting or SCAN Listener Port after Installation [ID 972500.1]
  • How to update the IP address of the SCAN VIP resources ( [ID 952903.1]
  • How to Troubleshoot Connectivity Issue with 11gR2 SCAN Name [ID 975457.1]
  • PRVF-4664 PRVF-4657: Found inconsistent name resolution entries for SCAN name [ID 887471.1]
  • ORA-12545 or ORA-12537 While Connecting to RAC through SCAN name [ID 970619.1]
  • Top 5 Issues That Cause Troubles with Scan VIP and Listeners [ID 1373350.1]
  • SCAN VIP Showing Status UNKNOWN – CHECK TIMED OUT On One Node [ID 1341882.1]
  • Linux: How to Configure the DNS Server for 11gR2 SCAN [ID 1107295.1]
  • How to Setup SCAN Listener and Client for TAF and Load Balancing [Video] [ID 1188736.1]
  • ORA-12541 intermittently with DBLinks using SCAN listener [ID 1269630.1]
  • Changing IP addresses on Exadata Database Machine [ID 1317159.1]
  • Read It:
  • Script to Report the Percentage of Imbalance in all Mounted Diskgroups [ID 367445.1
  • How configure Multiples Public Network in a Grid Infrastructure 11g R2 (11.2) environment –> — how to create multipe network/listener/services on multiple public network in an 11.2 Grid Infrastructure environment.
  • 10g & 11g :Configuration of TAF(Transparent Application Failover) and Load Balancing (Doc ID 453293.1)
  • Understanding and Troubleshooting Instance Load Balancing (Doc ID 263599.1)

2. Performance

  • Resolving Issues Where Session Level Problems are Caused by Contention on ‘direct path write’ Waits [ID 1476094.1]
  • Resolving Issues Where CPU Saturation Impacting Library Cache Load Lock Waits [ID 1477427.1]
  • SMCO (Space Management Coordinator) For Autoextend On Datafiles And How To Disable/Enable [ID 743773.1]
  • AUTOEXTEND Grows To Full Size Without Reason [ID 1459097.1]
  • ORA-7445 [msqopnws] or ORA-7445 [msqidn] Using Access/Filter Predicates [ID 763607.1]
  • ORA-07445: [msqopnws()+5984] [SIGSEGV] [Address not mapped to object] [ID 114586.1]
  • Setting cardinality for pipelined and table functions –
  • Resource Manager Enhancements in Oracle Database 11g [ID 884082.1] 11g R2
  • Troubleshooting Guide: Oracle Resource Manager [ID 975455.1]
  • –> SQL Access Advisor
  • – Linux tuning
  • – TCP tuning
  • ORA-20011 ORA-29913 and ORA-29400 with associate KUP- Errors from DBMS_STATS.GATHER_STATS_JOB [ID 1274653.1]
  • Checkpoint Tuning and Troubleshooting Guide [ID 147468.1]
  • How to Estimate Size of Redo Logs [ID 1038851.6]
  • Example of How To Resize the Online Redo Logfiles [ID 1035935.6]
  • White Papers and Blog Entries for Oracle Optimizer [ID 1337116.1] – Shared by Xavire through Twitter
  • Script to produce HTML report with top consumers out of PL/SQL Profiler DBMS_PROFILER data [ID 243755.1]
  • How to work out how many of the parse count are hard/soft? [ID 34433.1]
  • SQL Parsing Flow Diagram [ID 32895.1]
  • How To Calculate CPU Cost [ID 457228.1].
  • How to Determine that a Query is Optimized Using CPU Costing in 10g and above [ID 743834.1]

3. Installations

4. Upgrade and Patches

  • Do Patchset Updates (PSU’s) Change the Oracle Release Version/Fifth Digit? [ID 861152.1]
  • If you upgrading to 11G and about to execute @utlu112i.sql. Check [ID 884522.1] it has newer version of the script.
  • How To Migrate a Database From Linux x86 ( 32-bit ) To Linux Itanium 64-bit (IA64) [ID 553868.1]
  • ORA-00600 [17093] and ORA-00600 [kkmendsel-pin] Errors Continuously [ID 756592.1]
  • Migrating OLAP From 32 To 64 Bits [ID 352306.1]
  • There Is A Conflict Installing Patches 12341619 And 12942119 For [ID 1470769.1]
  • Complete Reference To 11g New Feature : SQL Query Result Cache [Video] [ID 1108133.1]
  • 11g New Features – Database Core [ID 1226873.1]
  • Bug 12859480 – ORA-7445 [msqopnws] executing queries involving binds [ID 12859480.8] -
  • Upgrade to Failure Of Rootupgrade Script on previously cloned GI [ID 1485970.1]
  • How to Upgrade to Oracle Grid Infrastructure 11g Release 2 –
  • Bug 10248538 Optimizer cost model does not account for true IO scan size <– db_file_multiblock_read_count to true IO size
  • Row Cache Objects latch contention after upgrade from 10.2 to [ID 1485410.1]
  • Dst2007: Sp2-1503: Unable To Initialize Oracle Call Interface [ID 415861.1] –> to after applying JVM DST patches
  • for database sqlplus /nolog is failing with errors : SP2-1503 SP2-0152 [ID 1091063.1] -> later
  • Complete checklist for out-of-place manual upgrade from previous 11.2.0.N version to the latest 11.2.0.N patchset. (Doc ID 1276368.1)

5. Data Guard

6. Parallel Executions

7. Bugs


8. Grid control / Cloud Control

  • 12c Cloud Control Repository: How to Modify the Default Retention and Purging Policies for Metric Data? [ID 1405036.1] 12c Cloud Control: Overview of the EMCTL Options Available for Managing the Cloud Control Agent [ID 1387667.1]
  • Login page does not appear when trying to access dbconsole [ID 388562.1]
  • NOTE:259379.1 – How To Change the Password of the Database User Sysman (DB Control Repository Schema)
  • NOTE:259387.1 – How to Change DBSNMP Password in Database 10g and 11g Monitored by DB Control
  • –> EM12c

9. ODA

10. Webcast

  • Oracle Premier Support – Oracle Database Support News – Issue August, 2012 Volume 19 [ID 230.1]
  • Advisor Webcasts: Current Schedule and Archived recordings [ID 740966.1]
  • Post Presentation Recordings can be found on Note 740964.1
  • Oracle Database Advisor Webcast Schedule and Archive recordings [ID 1456176.1]

11. Data Pump

12. 12c

13. Exadata

14. OEM

  • The Cloud Control Agent 12c Status Timeout / Connection refused / “security.pkcs11.P11SecureRandom.implNextBytes” (Doc ID 1427773.1)
  • EM 12c: Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Management Agent Start Fails with Error: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space (Doc ID 1556807.1)
  • Metric Collection Error for a Database Instance Target in Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control (Doc ID 1533617.1)

15. Others

  • Useful MOS note: Flashback Database Best Practices & Performance (Doc ID 565535.1)
  • Is It Supported to Change UID/GID Of Oracle Database Software Owner After Installation? [ID 1474891.1]
  • How To Enable The Secure HTTP Port (HTTPS) in XML DB [ID 942945.1]
  • Resource Manager Training (11.2 feats) [Video] [ID 1119407.1] – Resource Manager Enhancements in Database 11g [ID 884082.1]
  • Master Note for Data Pump [ID 1264715.1]
  • FAQ: What are Latches and What Causes Latch Contention [ID 22908.1] – can be used in tuning various kinds of latches
  • Dates & Calendars – Frequently Asked Questions [ID 227334.1] – Timestamps & time zones – FAQ [ID 340512.1]
  • How To De-Install the Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control [ID 1363418.1]
  • Blocking access –
  • Mount Options for Oracle files when used with NFS on NAS devices [ID 359515.1
  • Oracle infiniband cabling for Oracle appliances — Presentation Transcript –
  • How To Query And Change The Oracle Hidden Parameters In Oracle 10g and 11g [ID 315631.1]
  • AQ PL/SQL Notification: PL/SQL Callback and Email Notification [ID 225749.1]
  • Datapump Impdp Fails To Grant The Queue Privileges To An Application Specific Role & Aborted With ORA-39083 PLS-00201 [ID 1484564.1]
  • OERR: ORA-1578 “ORACLE data block corrupted (file # %s, block # %s)” Master Note [ID 1578.1]
  • Alert.log: “kwqmLoadScIndexInfo:Warning deq index load failed for” [ID 1299848.1] #Oracle
  • How to Perform Client-Side Tracing of Programmatic Interfaces on Windows Platforms [ID 216912.1]
  • oracle db –> Database Resident Connection Pooling db11g
  • How to: Determine if a Package that is About to be Compiled is Being Used Currently [ID 1054939.6]
  • Troubleshooting ORA-3137 [12333] Errors Encountered When Using Oracle JDBC Driver [ID 1361107.1]
  • Bug 14581922 – Wrong results/missing rows with missing NVL predicates [ID 14581922.8] <- alter sess set
  • “_fix_control”=7215982:off’ –> Tablespace usage script before DB refresh
  • Security Check List: Steps to Make Your Database Secure from Attacks [ID 131752.1]
  • Script to Check for Default Passwords Being Used for Common Usernames [ID 227010.1]
  • How to Change DBSNMP Password in Database 10g and 11g Monitored by DB Control [ID 259387.1]
  • Unable To exchange A Partition With A Table If It Has An Encrypted Column [ID 958728.1])
  • MOS: 340512.1 Timestamps & time zones – Frequently Asked Questions
  • Note:472937.1 Information On Installed Database Components
  • Note:753041.1 How to diagnose Components with NON VALID status



2 Responses to Links

  1. preethi says:

    These is not happening (Sessions distribution is not happening)

    We have 2Node RAC envinorment.
    The local and remote listener’s are set properly.. but eventhough always no.of sessions on node is morethan other node.

    Number of sessions connected to db_01 is 47 ( Node 1 always less sessions)

    Number of sessions connected to db_02 is 79 (node 2 always more sessions)

    Could you help on these.


    • Raheel Syed says:


      The following MOS note should help to diagnose your issue.

      Understanding and Troubleshooting Instance Load Balancing (Doc ID 263599.1)

      Raheel Syed

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